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Green Statement

Plantpusher is committed to the preservation of our precious environment. We constantly
strive for sustainability throughout the following aspects of our company:

Materials Used
Silk – biodegradable and harmless to the environment
Steel – composed of recycled pre and post consumer steel products including cans,
appliances, cars and construction materials
Acrylic – composed of recycled plastics
Stainless Steel – an extremely durable and corrosion resistant product that is 100% recyclable
Fiberglass – composed of natural ingredients to include recycled glass products and sand
Copper – a natural element that 100% recyclable

Warehouse Waste Management
- Recycle all packing material
- Purchase all recycled materials

Office Waste Management
- Paper Free Office
- Paper, Bottle and Can Recycling

PlantPusher and the Community
Aside from striving to help the environment, PlantPusher believes in giving back to the planet. The O Collection beaded botanicals are made by artisans whose lives have been affected in some way by HIV/AIDS. The monies earned are their main source of income and allow them to care for their family members and purchase medicine.

Plantpusher works closely with many local charities, and well being facilities. Recent donations include recycled plant material for the Bird Aviary at the Sheldon Adelson Hospice for the terminally ill in Las Vegas. We look forward to finding new ways of giving back to our community and plan to make this a part of our business.